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Table of Contents

FIN Home

The FIN Home page contains the main project settings that the superuser (su) would have access to and be able to modify. It is also the new landing page when launching FIN.

If any projects are available, the users would be able to launch them from here and they'll open in a new tab. Items FIN Home contains are the available projects, licenses, users, debug, docs, and other misc settings. There are a few big differences between FIN 4.5 and FIN 5.0 Host. They are the projects, users, and su user. Before, a project needed to exist in the DB folder for the FIN service to run. Now, that is no longer the case. The FIN service can now run without a project, therefore FIN Home is accessible to use. The users existed inside the project, but now they are at the Host level. As for 'su' user, there can now be multiple superusers unlike before being limited to one. Depending on the user type, the FIN Home will prevent accessibility to certain items by removing them from the UI. So each user will see something different depending on the type they are.


Below are the different example views of the Home page depending on the user type. There are three user types discussed below. As well as the different tabs available within the Home page.

User Types:

(1) Super User (su: superuser accounts manage projects and host-level settings')

  • Super Users have read & write access to the entire system, server configurations and all available features within the software.

  • Only Super Users can download "snapshots" in Folio 

  • Only Super Users have full access to the Host Menu and all available Host configurations such as creating/editing new users, new projects, licensing, etc. etc.

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(2) Admin User (admin: administrator accounts have full read/write access to manage a given project database)

  • Admin Users have read & write access that can be limited by access permissions. 

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(3) Operator User (op: operator accounts have read-only access to a given project)

  • Operator Users have read-only access that can be further limited with access permissions

  • Operator Users may be given the ability to command actions via action permissions. 

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This is where the Host settings are available. For more info, go to our Home Host doc.

It contains the following:

  • Projects

  • Licenses

  • Users

  • Pods

  • Crypto

  • Sessions


This is where the Debug settings are available. For more info, go to our Home Debug doc.

It contains the following:

  • Alerts

  • Diagnostics

  • Host

  • Log

  • Pods

  • Threads


This is where the Docs are available. It contains our API documentation. For more info, go to our Home Docs doc.


This is where the rest of the misc settings are available. For more info, go to our Home Settings doc.

It contains the following:

  • Email

  • Http

  • Host

  • Log

  • API

  • User