Edge2Cloud frequently asked questions

How do I get started with using Edge2Cloud?

Check out the Edge2Cloud getting started guide!

What ports does Edge2Cloud need open?

See firewall configuration in the Edge2Cloud guide.

I am a System Integrator. Can I use Edge2Cloud to provide secure remote access to build owners?

Yes you can. Edge2Cloud has a simple way for System Integrators to provide secure remote access to building owners. Fine grained authorization using access groups enables an SI to provide access to particular sites based on haystack tags.

Is Edge2Cloud remote access free?

FIN Edge2Cloud is part of J2 Innovation’s essentials package. It is free for all FIN instances that have valid maintenance that’s not out of date.

For more information on maintenance and FIN please contact sales@j2innovations.com.

I’m seeing a user timeout screen after I have left FIN open for a while using remote access. What is this?

For security reasons, a user is redirected to a user timeout screen after few minutes of inactivity. After one hour, the user will then have to login again once their server session has timed out.

Is Edge2Cloud suitable for a Kiosk?

No. Edge2Cloud is not suitable for a kiosk. A kiosk normally involves leaving an application open for long periods of time without any user interaction.

Edge2Cloud intentionlly redirects a user to a user timeout screen after a few minutes of inactivity. Please see the above answer.

How long is the user timeout for the portal?

The server timeout for the portal is one hour. After this period, a user will be asked to login again.

I can’t download a back up. What’s wrong?

The remote access connection isn’t designed to download and upload very large files. Instead of creating backups in the local system and downloading them using remote access, consider creating a cloud backup instead…

  • The back up encrypted and stored in the Cloud.

  • A cloud back up can store an extremely large file.

I have successfully registered FIN for Edge2Cloud but FIN cannot seem to connect. What's the problem?

If you have successfully registered your instance of FIN with Edge2Cloud, but it cannot connect, then you need to check your firewall configuration. Please see firewall configuration in the Edge2Cloud guide for more information.

Loading FIN5 graphics remotely is slow. What can I do?

Edge2Cloud is reliant on the quality of a device’s Internet connection. That being said, we have noticed a few things that can help speed up loading graphics…

  • Make sure any custom images you used use compression.

  • Make sure any custom graphic thumbnail images also use compression. A thumbnail image also only needs to be 128 pixels wide.

Smaller file image sizes = faster loading times.