Positive Feedback

  1. (Rusty Hennessey - R.A. Walton and Company)

    1.  " I was surprised how easy it was though to get the desired result I was looking for yesterday.  With the 3 pre-defined templates that are there under HVAC I was able to stretch that into 5 with the "view only" and the ADMIN so it worked great! I'm going to have to give this a try! Just for the record...something you can share with Jason...I have been trying for a few months to finish my n4 certification (required for certification reasons) and I have yet to be able to bring my self to do it.  It is so painful.  You guys are light years ahead!  Keep up the great work!”

  2. (Eduardo Melnik - MR Soluciones)

    1. Hello guys, Wanted to let you know that Punto Polanco, MR Soluciones won the 1st place Price of the IMEI (Mexican Institute of the Intelligent Building) contest this year, that we spoke about a month ago. FIN Stack was an important part of the reason, so I wanted to let you know. Thank you for all your help and support and let’s continue rolling out the solution to the rest of the buildings. I want to showcase FIN’s capabilities even more in PP and replicate in other buildings. In the past, most of the interfaces handed out the users/operators of the buildings were done in Niagara. I want to change this to FIN. I want to create more interfaces and impressive graphics but need more depth and knowledge on what else can be done with FIN. This will also be important to market the product better with future clients.

  3. (Julian Morgan - University of Richmond

    1. We have used Fin Stack in FDD to find faulty sensors. The Fin Stack history has been used extensively to troubleshoot control and equipment problems. This allows us to target maintenance dollars to maximize our effectiveness in repairs. When I first evaluated J2 products for the conversion to Tridium I was only interested in the graphics. When I was shown Fin Stack the history was what sold me. To have that amount of data at your fingertips is invaluable as a facility manager. Fin Stack provided UR a path forward with any vendor's control product. Now I am a firm believer in the principle of "one hand to shake, one throat to choke." I don't have time to coordinate multiple contractors for installation and maintenance. UR is moving the too fast building and renovating and demands too much. What Fin Stack provides me is a simplified graphical user interface, unified alarm management, history collection and retrieval, multi-vendor integration, and cross-vendor control through bLine. Fin Stack provides a campus control structure whether using predominantly one vendor as in our case or multiple vendors. Once we implemented Fin Stack we immediately had options not previously available. We connected 5 BACnet Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems with another to connect once I return from vacation. We have 2 York magnetic centrifugal chillers connected through BACnet and are recording all variables. We have 3 more chillers we plan on connecting as well. When I did a demo for consulting engineers he was convinced Fin Stack was the way to go. He recognized the benefit of the unified system as opposed to a "homegrown built-up" system. Here is the bottom line literally, Fin Stack is not just a BAS integration system, it is facility management tool and when you have a 2.5M sq ft campus to manage it was a "no brainer."

  4. Tim Patz - National Air & Energy) regarding our tenant billing feature

    Hello Aaron,

    The only fully implemented use of finstack for me so far was strictly for the tenant feature (running on top of Niagara Server).  This worked out very well.  I have been in contact with Ricky on some suggestion for improvements, but it is much nicer than the CSI3 tenant billing (tenant eye) we had been using.  Setting up tenant eye took about a week, finstack took about 2 days once I knew what I was doing.

    The other licenses are for upcoming projects which I have not started yet, but I am using fin 4.0 for all of them.  I am sure I am a couple of revs. Behind by now, but I downloaded the newest version about a month ago.  I will probably, at some point in the not so distant future, still need your help on my first real implementation.

  5. (Nolan Lewis - ACS ) 1/4/17 9:17am

    BTW I love this product and am very appreciative of all the support.  I am sarcastic so it may not seem that way.  I started building automation using Automated Logic Webctrl and have worked with Schneider Stuxureware, Tridium, Siemens etc.  Webctrl is very organized and gives a better end-user product; the other systems fall way short of this until now.
    I am pushing to use this as much as possible.
    Thanks again for all the support!

    Nolan Lewis