DB Builder Trees

DB Builder Trees

DB Builder is made up of collections of tools that help you build your database. These collections are organized as "trees." When DB Builder opens, all available trees display.

This list includes:

  • Equip Tree The Equip Tree is used to navigate within a database and see the hierarchy of records.

  • Graphics treeThe Graphics tree allows you to view the points associated with graphics data.

  • Programs tree The Programs tree displays a list of the programs used in a project. 

  • Connectors treeThe Connectors tree allows you to view and add new connectors, which will help to import your data.

  • Schedules treeThe Schedules tree allows you to quickly view existing schedules and points linked to the schedules.

  • Clones tree: The Clones tree allows you to select tags to clone to other records based on a selected filter.

  • Jobs tree: The Jobs tree allows you to quickly create, edit, and view existing jobs in the project.

  • Relationships treeThe Relationships tree allows you to view or create relationships between records.

  • Tag Bundles tree: The Tag Bundles tree allows you to create and save frequently used tag executions. 

  • Saved Filters treeThe Saved Filters tree allows you to create and save frequently used filters.

  • Templates treeThe Templates tree allows you to see all templates created using the Template Wizard, and downloads your templates as .fst files.