FIN 5.1.4


[Release date: July 28, 2023 - v5.1.4.191]

The FIN 5.1.4 release is considered a 'service pack' release. Service Packages typically contain minor bug fixes and feature enhancements.

Note: No migration required from 5.1+. Migration is required from 5.0 to 5.1+.

Notable Fixes & Enhancements

Removed dependency on Windows Registry for BACnet Stack

We have removed dependency on Windows Registry for BACnet Stack. This would help reduce BACnet issues such as discovering and fault issues after a Windows update or some change to the Windows Registry.

BACnet BBMD Entries

BACnet BBMD entries are now persisted on restart of the service. No longer need a job to re-apply the BBMD entries. With this, also added the ability to unregister as a BBMD.

Link: BACnet BBMD

BACnet Write BDT

We have added the Execute_Write_BDT flag to disable/enable the overwrite of BDT entries. By default this is enabled. This allows other BBMDs in the network to send a writeBDT request and to register themselves to the FIN BDT table.

Link: BACnet BBMD

Discovery Filters for BACnet point discover

We have added a Discovery Filters button to allow the users to filter for certain BACnet objects to help narrow down the search discovering points.

Link: Discovery Filters

Connector connPingFreq tag

It is recommended to add the connPingFreq tag to all of the connectors. This tag is used to monitor the health of the device and keeps it open. When this tag is configured the connector will automatically attempt a ping based on the configured frequency. For connectors which might not have watched points this ensures periodic checks of the connectivity status. Below is a query that can be used to add this to all connectors. It is a duration type tag set to 1min.

readAll(conn and not connPingFreq).map x => diff(x, {connPingFreq:1min}).commit

All Fixes & Enhancements 

Improvement in Mini DB to update the point status indications when in live mode.

BACnet: BBMD now re-forwards broadcasts on it's local subnet.

BACnet: Upgraded BBS stack to remove dependency on Windows Registry and include Execute_Write_BDT flag for BBMD.

Logic Builder: Removed the ability to paste in the name field of the macro and expression blocks to avoid special characters as those are not allowed.

Modbus: Added Modbus RTU support on F200's

Corrected the word "Library" in the UI when uploading a Point Library zinc file.

Alarm Config: Changing context after opening the Alarm Config app no longer breaks the whole window.

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