How to install a zipped project

A project can be zipped up after stopping the service and shared to install in a different instance. This is how to install a zipped project and not a snapshot.

1. Stop the FIN service

2. Go to your FIN installed folder to the proj folder under var. The path should be something like this but with your version:
Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\FIN Framework\FIN Framework\var\proj

3. Unzip the project folder and move or copy/paste it into the proj folder.
Note: Make sure that when unzipping, that the project folder is not nested within itself into another folder with the same name. It should be the project folder and the contents inside.

4. Start the FIN service

That should be it, now you should be able to reach it when access it via the browser depending on host and port. For example default: http://localhost:8080/