Getting started with Edge2Cloud


Creating an organization and your user

If you have not already done so, contact to create your organization and user login for Edge2Cloud. Once your user account is created, you will receive an email that enables you to complete the user registration process. After you have logged in, and have provided a new password, you will need to register and agree to the terms and conditions.

Once you have completed the user registration process, you will have access to the portal.

From the portal, you can access your entire portfolio of devices (FIN instances), sites, projects, and users.

Click on your user icon in the top right-hand corner. This gives you a list of all the organizations of which you are a member. Click on your organization to navigate to its main page.

This view shows all the details for your organization.

  • If you are a user admin, you can add, edit, and delete users.

  • You can invite existing users from other organizations if you have their email address.

  • Access groups are used to manage fine grained access.

  • The audit log shows all the Edge2Cloud activity for the organization.

Click on your user name to see your user details.

  • Note your user is currently active. Newly created users, who are not yet registered, are not shown as active.

  • The roles show your permissions in Edge2Cloud.

  • Click edit to change your name, phone number, locale, or roles.

Finally click ‘Home’ to go to the map page for Edge2Cloud. The dashboard will show all the devices you have registered in the system.

Register FIN with Edge2Cloud

The next step is to register a newly installed instance of FIN with Edge2Cloud in order to securely access FIN from anywhere in the world.

First set up FIN with a standard project.

  • Install FIN version 5.0.6 or higher.

  • Create a new project (the demo project is never synchronized with Edge2Cloud).

    • Make sure your project name is something that’s unique in your portfolio.

  • Using the DB Builder app, create a new site.

    • Add the latitude and longitude to the site so it appears on Google Maps.

  • Add a floor, an equip, and a point to the site.

Now register FIN with Edge2Cloud (please note, this can be done before adding a site or any other information). Open FIN and click on the ‘Cloud’ app.

  • FIN is currently disconnected and not registered with Edge2Cloud.

  • Click ‘Register with Edge2Cloud.’

    • This will redirect your browser to the device registration website.

    • You may be asked to log in again to Edge2Cloud (if you haven’t already).

    • If you don’t have Internet access, click ‘Registration QR Code’ and take a photo of the QR code using your cell phone. This QR code contains the special device registration URI. You then have three days to complete the device registration process.

  • If you have the Device Manager role in your organization, you will see the above screen where you can register the device.

  • Select your organization from the drop down list and click ‘Register.’

Congratulations! Your FIN instance is now registered with Edge2Cloud. FIN will now automatically connect to Edge2Cloud so you can access it.

After a minute, go back to FIN and click the Cloud app icon again. Note how the Status is now Connected.

Assuming FIN has Internet access, FIN will now automatically connect to Edge2Cloud and synchronize its device, project, and site information.

Navigate back to the portal’s home page (hit browser refresh if already loaded).

  • Assuming you added the longitude and latitude to the site, a marker will appear on the map.

    • If there’s just one point, you might want to zoom out a little.

  • Note the number of devices and sites registered is now reading as 1.

  • Click on the marker on the map and select ‘Remote access.'

    • If you can’t see the marker, select the site from ‘sites.'

    • The green tick shows the device (FIN) is currently connected to Edge2Cloud.

  • You can now access FIN remotely from anywhere in the world.

  • Note ‘https’ is being used in the address bar. Everything is secure and encrypted from end to end.

  • This instance of FIN is available to anyone in your organization who has the relevant permissions. See user authorization in the main guide for more information.

Please see the Edge2Cloud guide for more information.