1. To use the License application, the user will need to have the Host Application open.

  • When the user logins into FIN, they are directed to the Host Application which where they can select on the Licenses selection on the left-hand screen

  • Additionally, the user can open the Host Application under the Advanced Apps


This is where the superuser can view existing license(s) and the information about them.

The tools available for the superuser are:

  • Host Info
  • Installation
  • View License
  • Delete License

Aditionally, the user can see the total usage of points used and the FIN Framework End User License Agreement

Host Info

By selecting on Host Info, the user will get detailed information about the host


To install the licenses on your server, the user can select on Install and select the license file on the user's machine.

  • Once the licenses have successfully been uploaded, make sure to stop and restart the FIN service.

View License

To view the information of a license, the user can select on the  icon.

This will display a pop-up window called License where the user can view the following:

  • Version Number
  • Number of Points
  • Maintenance Due Date
  • Expiration Date

Delete License

To delete a license on your server, the user can select on the Delete button


The user is able to able to look over the total usage of points for all projects.

It displayed the number of points being used in each project in the FIN Framework software.


The user is able to view the End-User License Agreement (EULA).