App Selection Menu

App Selection Menu

All FIN Stack Apps can be found within the App Selection Menu which is toggled by clicking on the top left corner of the Navigation Header.

Available apps are determined by app permissions allocated to the user that is currently logged in.

FIN Stack Apps are organized by categories: End-User Apps, System Integrator Apps and Advanced Apps

All Apps


The following App Selector icon will bring up the App Selection Menu 

The App Menu contains a list of apps that are available to the current user.


The app selection menu also provides the ability for the user to log out.

Current App

The App that is currently loaded/selected will be highlighted in 'Blue' as seen in the screenshot below. 

The "current app" is generally loaded in the mini-app menu on the far right. 

Graphics app is currently loaded and is typically the default app when you first log in

App Context

It is important to note that the app menu is context sensitive. Context comes from your current location in the nav/equip tree. 

Example: A user wants to create a new Graphic, they need to navigate to what they are trying to make in the equip tree, then load up the graphics builder app


Exiting the App Selection Menu 

To exit the app menu:

  1. Click on the "x" icon on the top left corner of the menu, or simply click any location outside of the app menu