Launch Specific Project

Launch Specific Project

If the user wants to be able to launch to a specific project without going to the home/host page, they can do so couple ways. It can be by using a bookmark and/or modifying the FIN shortcut icon on the desktop (if added when installing FIN).


The user can create a bookmark if they don't already have one and point it to the specific project they would like to open.

  1. Open the specific project and save that as a bookmark or update existing one

  2. The bookmark url should look something like this: host:port/finMobile/<projName>

  3. If its the same, then no need to change it. You can leave it as is.

FIN Shortcut

If the user launches FIN using the desktop shortcut when double-clicking on the icon (if chosen to add it on installation), they can do so by modifying the properties of that shortcut like below.

After installing and selecting to have a shortcut, the user would do the below steps.

  1. Select original shortcut and right-click on it

  2. Then select to copy and paste it to create a copy

  3. Then you can delete the original one (reason is the original doesn't allow you to modify properties)

  4. Right-click on the new shortcut and select Properties

  5. Under the Web Document tab, change the URL to include the path to the project you want. Should look like something below:

    1. http://host:port/finMobile/<projName

    2. Example: http://localhost:8080/finMobile/demo

  6. Then apply changes and hit OK

  7. Now when the user double clicks on the shortcut, they will be directed to that specific project