Summary Builder

Summary Builder

We created Summary Builder to make it easier for users to create summaries of what they want to see. Here is a video we created on how to view and create them.

Using Summary Builder

To create a new summary just access the app on the right side menu under System Integrator apps. The number of summaries created is displayed on the right side.

1. First, the user will open the Summary Builder application located under the System Integrator Apps.

  • The number of summaries created is displayed on the bottom fo the tile

2. Once the user selected the Summary Builder Title, they will be presented with 2 options

  • Two Option: Create a New Summary or View the Summaries already Created

  • In this case, the user will select on the New option

New Summary

1. Clicking the New option will launch the Create Summary form

  • This is context-sensitive, so the options available will depend on which level the user is (site, floor, equip)

  • Summary NameThe user can choose the name of the summary.

  • Select Points for SummaryThe user can choose where the summaries will run on.

  • Select Points for Summary: Points which the Summary will run on will be selected (available at equip level)

  • Filter for Equips in Summary: Filter

2. Clicking Next will open the Point Order form, where the user can choose the order under which the points will be displayed in the summary.

3. Clicking Apply will create the summary.

  • The created summary can be accessed in the Summaries view (under Summary builder) and in the Summary App.


The Summaries view will display the summaries available at the respective level and presents a few helpful options.


Allows a user to back up a summary for further use. More details can be found here


With the help of this tool, a user can restore a summary. More details about the restore tool can be found here

View All

This options will display all the summaries on the project 

Clicking on each summary will open a drawer with 3 options

Point order

This allows the user to edit the point order.


This option allows the user to edit the summary properties after it was created


Launches the delete prompt, allowing a user to delete the summary