Fix Conflicting Tags

Every point must have a point-type tag, a sensor, cmd, or sp tag. If the point has more than one of them, it will throw an error.

Our form allows a user-friendly pop-up screen that lets you select which tag to keep on each of your points with this error message.


If the users have a database with these conflicting tags messages:

1. The user will have to select on the Folio application which is under the Advanced Apps section

2. Once inside, the user will have to use the Tool button 

3.  The user will be prompted with a pop-up called Tools where the user will have to navigate to the following: Database Clean Up > Fix Conflicting Tags

4. Once selected, the user will be displayed with a pop-up window  where the user will have to select the appropriate tag for the particular point

5. After applying this function, you can go to your points and see that there are no more conflicting tags and the error messages are gone.