Developer Tutorials

Here you will find a list of Developer-related Tutorials that are found across our docs and links to view them. 

Use CTRL+F to type in any key words to help you locate a tutorial. 

Table Of Contents (Tutorials)

Graphics Builder

Various developer tutorials that are made within/for the Graphics Builder

Ractive Components

  • Dynamic Bar Chart: DOCS
  • Ractive Dashboard: DOCS
  • Ractive List Points: DOCS
  • Ractive Note List: DOCS
  • Ractive Table: DOCS
  • Ractive Actions: DOCS
  • Ractive Magic Bubbles Dropdown:DOCS
  • Ractive Floor Table: DOCS
  • Ractive Heat Map: DOCS
  • Ractive Horizontal Drop Down with Magic Bubbles: DOCS
  • Vertical Drop Down with Magic Bubbles: DOCS
  • Ractive Temperature SetPoint: DOCS
  • Ractive Weather: DOCS

AM Charts


  • Topic: OVERVIEW
  • AM Chart Basics: DOCS
  • Comparison Chart (Histories/Trends): DOCS
  • Comparison Chart (3-Points): DOCS
  • Pie Chart: DOCS

Tools & Forms

This section contains tutorials on how to add your own custom forms & tools into FIN Stack. 

  • How to build Tools/Forms API: DOCS

Right Menu

This section contains tutorials related to general customization of FIN Stack menus and other portions of FIN Stack UI/navigation. 

  • How to customize and add apps to the right menu. (Under construction): DOCS
  • Adding New Menu Items: DOCS
  • Open a new Menu from a Menu Item: DOCS

Functions & Blocks & Axon

This section contains tutorials that have to do with creating various types of Axon Functions in FIN Stack.


  • Axon Basics: DOCS
  • Axon 101 Tutorial: DOCS


  • Adding New Menu Items: DOCS