Search and Replace

We have created Search and Replace form that the user can use to search and replace anything within the database in the Available DB Builder app.

How To Use

1. The user will have to select on the DB Builder application which is under the System Integrator section

2. Once inside, the user has to navigate towards the DB Builder Tree

  • The user will select a type of available site, floor, or equip(s) they want to update

3.  Once the user has made a selection, the user will have to use the Tool button  which is located on the bottom right

4.  The user will be prompted with a pop-up called Tools where the user will have to navigate to the following: Advanced > Search and Replace

5. After the option has been selected there is going to be a popup window with the required fields to fill out. 

The required fields to fill out are:

  • Filter: This is auto-generated for you based on what you selected, but it can be changed if wanted.
  • Tag: What tag you want to search against to find what you are looking for. By default, navName (or dis or name in that order) is auto-filled in for you.
  • Search for: Input what it is you are searching for from that tag.
  • Replace with: Input what it is you would like to replace with what you searched for.


The grid is auto-generated based on the Filter field to allow you to see what tag properties are available for you to change. This makes it easier in case you aren't sure what it is you are looking for.

Search For

The "Search For" field supports the * and # wildcards (available in v2900 or newer).

AHU*_ would denote any substring starting with AHU and ending with _

AHU#_ would denote any substring starting with AHU and ending with _ while also having numbers in between

The following options are possible as of version 4.5.817:

If you want to replace an actual * or # character with something, you can prefix it with a \ character to let it know not to interpret it as a wildcard.

AHU\*_ would denote a substring that looks like AHU*_

AHU\#_ would denote a substring that looks like AHU#_

Adding a comma into the "Search For" will allow you to replace multiple things with the same "Replace With" value.

AHU,VAV would denote that you want to replace all substrings that are either AHU or VAV

Prefixing the , character with a \ character will allow you to replace the character as well

AHU\,VAV would denote that you want to replace the substring AHU, VAV

When the fields has been filled in the user can hit Apply and the changes will take effect.


Changing Point Names

The user wants to change the vav names from Vav-01 to Vav 01

  • So all they are doing is removing the hyphen (minus) in the name and replace it with a space.

1. Therefore we select all the vavs (Vav-01 through Vav-10) we want to change

2. After selecting the points, we open the Search and Replace tool

3. Once the Search and Replace tool pops up, the Filter and Tag are already auto-generated for us\

  • Now we need to determine under which tag do we want to make a change on

4. If we use the grid below, we can look at the column names to help us out

5. We scroll till we see the column called navName

  • This shows us the name of the points and the tag (navName) we want to use which is auto-filled in for us

6. Then we did the following in the textfields:

  • Search For: Used the hyphen (minus)
  • Replace With: Used one space

7. Once we decide what we are wanting to change, select the Replace button to make the change

  • As you can see below, all the vavs now have a space in the name instead