FIN 5.1.1


[Release date: February 18, 2022 - v5.1.1.110]

The FIN 5.1.1 release is considered a 'service pack' release. Service Packages typically contain minor bug fixes and feature enhancements

Notable Fixes & Enhancements

OpenID Connect SSO

Single sign-on using an external identity provider: Single sign-on (SSO) can be set up using OpenID Connect. This enables users to skip the standard FIN username and password and use an external identity provider (IdP).

Single sign-on using FIN: If multiple FIN instances are being used (and Edge2Cloud isn’t being used), a single FIN instance can manage users and provide a single sign-on (SSO) to all other instances of FIN. This uses OpenID Connect technology whereby FIN can act as both a server and a client.


1-for-1 Writes

We now have a feature that allows writes to be executed 1 for 1 for BACnet and Haystack.


FIN Cloud Backup

We have implemented a feature that allows users to back up a system remotely in the Cloud. There are two options:

Rolling: Edge2Cloud can hold three rolling backups. When a fourth backup is created, it overwrites the oldest backup.

Permanent: Edge2Cloud can hold five permanent backups. When a sixth backup is created, an error is thrown. A user must manually delete a permanent backup before creating a new one.

Note: Only a user with the DeviceAdmin role can view, download or delete backup information. The information is available as a tab under a device’s summary page in the Edge2Cloud portal.

Link: Automate Cloud Back-up

API 2.1

API 2.1 has slight changes, for more details go to the Host -> Docs in the FIN instance.

All Fixes & Enhancements 

FIN5 SSO OpenID Connect Server Support

FIN5 SSO OpenID Connect Client Support

Dashboard Builder - Gauge widgets display the correct value of the binding point

Dashboard Builder - Gauge widgets not binding with specific value has been corrected

The Comparison History Chart in the Dashboard app now displays the selected legend colors.

The Template Wizard Bulk import now checks name lengths.

Added ability to write 1-for-1 to BACnet and Haystack

Removed the updating of point types for BACnet points during migration

Added ability to embed dashboards into pods

Override Alarm Report emails no longer corrupt PDF file

Dashboard History Chart now displays month rollup properly

FIN Network Drag and Drop synchronization improvement

Update to Skyspark 3.0.29

New and Updated Docs