FIN 5.1.5


[Release date: October 25, 2023 - v5.1.5.102]

The FIN 5.1.5 release is considered a 'service pack' release. Service Packages typically contain minor bug fixes and feature enhancements.

Note: No migration required from 5.1+. Migration is required from 5.0 to 5.1+.

Notable Fixes & Enhancements

Schedule weekly view

The schedule weekly view now displays the value on top of each event. This will make it easier to tell when an event will occur and what the value will be.

Link: Schedules

KNX enhancements

When the connection of a KNX connector drops, the connector will now properly re-establish the connection. Previously this issue would manifest in the form of curVals not updating. This build should significantly improve that behavior. Additionally, errors associated with KNX should be more verbose.

Added a throttle tuning tag knxThrottle, which can limit the traffic for reads on the bus. The default behavior (no tag) is a throttle of 100ms.

Discovering points from a connector via the tree should now function properly.

To better support binding units from a KNX project file to the appropriate haystack units, a new interface has been added to the KNX connector tree, which enables custom unit bindings to be defined. This tool is largely made for support to better assist projects that won’t load.

Group addresses (x/y/z) with x >= 16 should now function properly.

Link: KNX Connector

All Fixes & Enhancements 

BACnet: Upgrade for BACnet Connector to BBS version 1.16 to keep the system up-to-date and ensure ongoing performance.

BACnet: Eliminated the need to run FIN as an Administrator by removing the Windows Registry. It now uses a config file that can be modified as needed and not dependent on the Windows Registry.

BACnet: Default server device object_name is configurable with new function bacnetSetDeviceObjectName.

BACnet: New type supported - Binary Lighting Output Object Type.

BACnet: Non-BBMD Responses to BBMD BVLL Requests

BACnet: New supported type for alarms - Event Algorithm CHANGE_OF_DISCRETE_VALUE

History: You can now set hisCollectCov values to less than 1 without encountering errors.

KNX: New interface for defining custom unit bindings.

KNX: New configuration parameter 'knxThrottle' for KNX Read Throttling. It accepts numerical values, including 0, to remove the throttle, and defaults to 100ms if not specified. This parameter is applied on the connector record.

KNX: The connector will properly re-establish the connection when it drops.

Logic Builder: The Delayed Output Block now effectively enforces the specified delay with variables using time units.

Schedules: The value for an event will now display on that event in the Schedules app. This helps provide enhanced clarity and to distinguish the value between events.

Schedules: Fixed an issue where entering dates and times on an iPhone was failing due to a library update in the browser.

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