FIN 5.1.2


[Release date: August 29, 2022 - v5.1.2.166]

The FIN 5.1.2 release is considered a 'service pack' release. Service Packages typically contain minor bug fixes and feature enhancements

Note: No migration required from 5.1+. Migration is required from 5.0 to 5.1+.

Notable Fixes & Enhancements

Logic Builder improvement

Logic Builder had a lot of improvements and fixes. The list of these can be found in the “All Fixes & Enhancements” section below.

Language translations

We have added and improved on the following languages: Chinese and Norwegian.

Weekly schedule view

We have now added a new property in the Host → Settings called Week Start Day. This property allows the user to easily change the start day of the week to Sunday or Monday for the Schedule and calendar views.

Link: Home Settings

BACnet alarms

There is now one alarm card displayed per BACnet alarm. Before, there would be multiple alarm cards per BACnet alarm status from the same object.

All Fixes & Enhancements 

The precision tag on a point is now reflected on the mini Historian chart found in the Point Essentials view.

Improved Chinese translations throughout the user interface.

Improvements in better error handling were made when dragging from the FIN Network remote devices up to the local instance.

We now support the Norwegian language.

Logic Builder variable values in the right hand side menu now update.

Logic Builder program point variables now take into account the precision tag.

Editing Logic Builder string variables now save correctly.

Restoring a snapshot now restores the "programStatus" tag of a Logic Builder program as a transient instead of persistent.

New Logic Builder variable warning indication if a variable binding resolves to more than one record. The variable value in the right side menu will have a orangish background color for this indication.

BACnet alarms are now represented with one alarm card based on the current BACnet alarm status.

Added a new host setting called Week Start Day. This allows the user to choose the schedule week start day to be either Sunday or Monday.

The "bacnetAtomicWriteFile" function which allows to write to a file in the device now works properly when the offset used exceeds the size of the file.

Logic Builder PID block behind the scenes improvement between initializations of true/false.

Transient tags on a point are no longer switched to persistent after duplicating the point.

Logic Builder Project Variables now appear in the right hand side menu under the Variables list.

The runStarts and runTime properties on Boolean points now work.

Logic Builder now handles units more efficiently.

Logic Builder Invoke and JobRun blocks handle longer running Axon functions more efficiently.

Logic Builder blocks that allow to add more inputs now have the ability to delete those inputs.

Logic Builder now takes into account the point priorityArray levels when evaluating values.

There has been some improvements when importing BACnet schedule objects. There is now support for PriorityArray Property Index aside from Present Value, Number to Enum conversions, Empty list of Object Property References.

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