FIN 5.1.5-1 (Patch)


[Release date: January 30th, 2024 - v5.1.5.131]

The FIN 5.1.5-1 (Patch) is a patch to the initial 5.1.5 release that resolves the following issues.

Note: No migration required from 5.1+. Migration is required from 5.0 to 5.1+.

Notable Fixes & Enhancements

Alarm enhancement and reverted change

In the 5.1.5 release, fixes for the following issues were announced:

  1. Alarm emails were reporting the timestamp of the original alarm rather than the timestamp of the state change.

  2. The alarm acknowledgment information was not retained for the subsequent day.

However, these fixes failed to address those issues and instead introduced two new alarm issues. To resolve this, the following actions have been taken:

  • In the 5.1.5-0 patch, the first issue listed above as well as both newly introduced issues were resolved.

  • The second issue regarding alarm acknowledgment information, previously reported as resolved in version 5.1.5, has since been reversed due to the resulting complications and remains unresolved.

Users who upgrade from 5.1.5-0 to 5.1.5-1 in this patch will find the alarm functionality unchanged.

All Fixes & Enhancements 

Alarms: Alarms emails will now report the timestamp at which the state change occurred. Previously the email would report the timestamp of the original alarm rather than the timestamp of the state change.

Snapshots: Previously files in the database (bin files) over a certain limit would cause a memory crash when attempting to take a snapshot. Now files in the database will stream their contents, avoiding any memory limitations.

BACnet: The BACnet connector is now reporting its actual protocol revision: 16 (previously reported incorrectly as 15).

BACnet: Fixed issue where points for a BACnet CSV object would not write to the priority array on the object.

BACnet: Now able to read Low_Diff_Limit property of LOOP objects.

Axon: The axon function finHttpGet now works properly with Json and Hayson content types, as originally intended.

FIN Network: The FIN Network dashboard is now correctly showing Disk space for the Storage column instead of Memory.

Serial: Fixed issue where connectors using the serial mod would crash when running on Windows.

Serial: Serial libraries are now located in your FIN install. Previously they were located in your OS user directory, which caused issues when updating these files. Should your connector experience an error upon starting, please report them to the appropriate support portal.

Licensing: The maintenance date is now appropriately calculated for maintenance dates that occur on the year following the license's date.

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