Property Editor

Property Editor

The Property Editor is an advanced editor that allows the user to see all the available tags on selected record or common tags if multiple records selected under Equip Tree. It also allows the user to add or modify applicable tags.

Finding Property Editor

To find the Property Editor, the user will first have to click on the 'i' icon of a record under the Essentials column from the grid view or on the Essentials tab > section found on any record selected under the Equip Tree. Basically anywhere you see that 'i' icon, it would open up the property editor window.

Grid View

Essentials Tab

Property Editor Sections

Below is a brief description for each section and properties of the Property Editor.


The filter is used to filter for certain tags found in the property editor. It makes it quick to find out if a tag exists on that record or not. Takes a single tag.


The Markers section is where the marker tags on the record would appear.


This Properties section is where the property tags on the record would appear.


The Tips section has a couple tips on what else can be done in the Property Editor.

Bottom Bar

The bottom bar would display a few buttons such as Add, Done, Close, and Apply.

How to use the Property Editor

Below is how to add, remove, modify, copy, etc in the Property Editor.

Adding tags

To add tags, the user can click on the "Add" button bottom right corner of the window.

Then an empty slot would appear towards the bottom of the window. The user can select add multiple times and it'll continue to create additional empty slots to add tags.

From here, the user has the ability to change the tag type by selecting the circle icon on the left side. That would bring up a pop up with different available tag types.

Then the user would select the first box to type in the tag name. Once selected, the user will also see a list of suggested tags to select and use or type what they want.

Then once typing in a tag name, the user can either hit the "Tab" or "Enter" keys to move to the next box on the right or just manually select it.

Once in the second box, the user can type in the value for the tag IF its going to be a property tag. To add as a marker tag, the user would hit the "Enter" key twice. That would add it as a marker tag.

If the user leaves both boxes empty and hits apply, it would just ignores those and not add anything.

Another way to add tags is to select and hold the "Add" button to see the below space available to type in tags manually.

To add tags manually, they would be formatted like it shows in the image. Some common examples below for different types.

Marker Tag:


Number Tag:

foo:15 with unit foo:15min

Bool Tag:


String Tag:

foo:"value here"

Ref Tag:


To add multiple at one time, separate them with a semicolons.

foo; description:"example"; onDemand:true

Once done adding or if decided not to add any, select Done. Hit the Apply button after to add the changes.

Removing Tags

To remove tags, the user would simply click on the 'X' button next to the tags. Then apply those changes.

Modifying Tags

To modify existing tags, the user would simply select the tag name or value depending on what they are modifying.

To modify marker tags, the user would just select it and change it.

To modify property tag names or values, select either one.

Depending on the properties, you'll also find either an editor, suggested refs, or select units windows.

Copy Tags

If the user would like to copy a few of the tags that are locked, they can select the copy icon on the right side of that property tag. It would then put it in the clipboard to paste else where.