Clones Tree

Clones Tree

The Clones tree displays a filtered list of tags that were cloned to other records. This is a display-only list; the Clone tool, used to create clones, can be accessed through the Template Wizard or through the Connectors tree.

Mass Edit Tags

Use the Mass Edit Tags button to modify the tags for multiple records at one time.

To Mass Edit Tags:

  1. Select Clones from the Available Trees menu.
    A list of records is displayed on the main page.
  2. To select multiple records, select Ctrl as you select the records.
  3. Select the Mass Edit Tags button.

    The Mass Edit Tags window is displayed. 

  4. Filter is filled based on the selected records. To modify the filter, type the filter names in the box, or select the Filter button to choose the filter names from a list.
  5. Shared Tags is filled based on the selected records. To modify the tags, select a tag or tags from the drop-down menu. 
  6. Select the NEXT button.
    The Mass Edit Tags window is updated.
  7. Edit the text in the text boxes.
  8. Select the APPLY button.