Map - Access Token Setup

Below are the steps on how to add the Mapbox Access Token to be able to use the map widget in the Dashboards app.

1. Stop the FIN service

2. Navigate to the FIN directory and go into the etc folder found in the var folder. The path should be something like this but with your version and/or location:

  • Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\FIN FrameworkV1.0.7\FIN FrameworkV1.0.7 v5.1.0.1113\var\etc

3. Once there, create a new folder called finDashboardExt

4. Then create a note on the desktop (using notepad or any note pad editor you prefer will work) and call it config

5. Inside the config note, you would need to add the mapbox.accessToken property and the value being the mapbox access token key

Example: mapbox.accessToken=<access token key goes here>

Mapbox Access Token Key

An access token key can be acquired from the Mapbox website after creating an account. In the Account settings towards the bottom, you can find the Default public token key to use. The first 50,000 monthly map loads are free and after that they start charging. Their pricing can be found here and look at the “Map Loads for Web” section.

6. The click on File > Save As and name the file name as config.props. This will change the file type from .txt to .props

7. Copy or move the config.props file into the finDashboardExt folder

8. Once done, start up the FIN service and the map widget should now appear as an option in the Dashboards app.