Adding a BACnet Connector

Enabling BACnet extension

1. Make sure that the Bacnet extensions are enabled in the Settings app > ext3

Must have BACnet extension enabled to be able to use FIN Network Tree

This can be done by following the steps below:

  1. Select the App Launcher icon on the top left

  2. Select the Settings tile under Advanced Apps

    • This will open a drawer with the following options: Ext, Proj, Header, and Alarm

  3. Select the Ext option to open up the extensions

    • This will open a side menu on the right where the extension will be in alphabetical order

  4. Scroll down and find the following extension: BACnet

    • If the version number is green, this means that the extension is enabled

    • If the version number is red, this means that the extension is disabled

  5. Select the extension if it is disabled, this will open a drawer

  6. Select the Enable option

  7. Refresh the page

How to add a BACnet Connector

1. Select the App Launcher icon on the top left

2. Select the DB Builder tile under System Integrator Apps

3. Expand BACnet tree then click on BACnet

4. Select on the  then select on Add BACnet Connector

5. After selecting Add BACnet Connector, a pop-up window called Add BACnet Connector will open. 

5. Enter the connectors info to be able to create it. The required fields are:


  • Display Name: this is the name that the user wants to choose for his connection

  • Host

  • Device Instance: this is the device id

  • Network Number

  • MAC Address

6. After you are done entering the device information, click on the Add button

7. You will then be able to see your connector and be able to add your points to the DB Builder.


How to discover your BACnet devices

1. Navigate to the Connector Tree

2. Then expand it so you can see the Select on BACnet option

3. Will be presented two option on the grid view

  • Discover Settings: Change the settings of the discovery

  • Discover

If the user wants to change the settings of their discovery, select Discover Settings

This will open a pop-up and will include the following:

  • Broadcast Address: Most of the times it will be FF, but the user can broadcast to a specific device if its address is known 

  • Instance Number Start: It is set to 0 by default and can be changed if needed to narrow down the discovery

  • Instance Number End: It is set to 4194303 by default and can be changed if needed to narrow down the discovery

  • Network Number: It is set to 65535 by default and can be changed if needed

  • Timeout: this is how long it should try to discover


4. Select any of the discovered devices and select the Add button on the bottom right corner to add them to your connectors panel.